Friday, 15 November, 2019

Tricks and Products to Help People Overcome Problems

Sensory design can intuitively make a space more memorable and change how you interact with your environment.

So, back to our problem: How can we use sensory design to make the environment work better for us and make getting out of bed “intuitive” in the morning?

Let us assess. Alarm clocks are primarily auditory. How else can we break down this problem, and what other senses can we engage?

Consider how the cooler the temperature is, and the more cocooned into snugly blankets we are, the less appealing the venture out into the rest of the room is.

What happens when the rest of the room is cozy and warm, too, though? What if it actually makes being under the blankets even slightly warmer than we prefer?

Most likely, your body will naturally decide it  Home decor Dubai would rather change environments, or simply not require the cozy bed to be ideally comfortable anymore. Before you know it, using a sensory design approach, you could be up and out of bed without a single hit of the snooze button.

With a quick reprogramming of the thermostat, or a space heater on a timer in the colder months, you can schedule the temperature to rise — just a few degrees — aligned with the timing of your alarm clock. Taking this multisensory approach by engaging auditory and thermal comfort (“touch”) cues, instead of just the former, will design a more successful environment to motivate you to get out — and stay out — of bed. Then draw the blinds (daylighting/sight), turn on the coffee (olfactory, or scent) and eat breakfast (taste) to get you well on your way!

There are infinite tips, tricks and products to help people overcome problems and improve daily life. We are still challenged, though, because often people are the roots of their own problems — and that can be hard to change. But, as they say, we are all products of our environment. So rather than consciously trying to force a habit that just will not stick — like getting up on time in the morning — consider focusing on changing the environment to influence behavior for the better.

Stephanie Brick is the owner of Stephanie Brick Design in Baltimore.

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