Friday, 15 November, 2019

Training Sessions and other Community Engagement Initiatives

“We have been with the league since it started,” said Ngurugwe. “It’s a really tough league but we have been able to survive in the Premier League for the xem bong da truc tuyen past three seasons.”

FC Kenya has raised Ngurugwe’s profile to such an extent

that he was asked to be the focal point for the local Kenyan community in dealings with the SC.

Four years ago, Ngurugwe signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the SC which sees the Kenyan community support events related to Qatar 2022 in return for exclusive access to a range of engagement activities.

“The MoU is about us as community leaders being the voice of the Supreme Committee here in Doha and in our community back in Kenya,” said Ngurugwe.

Thanks to the MoU, Kenyans in Qatar have taken part in workshops, training sessions and other community engagement initiatives, such as stadium visits and meetings with key personnel.

Ngurugwe said: “We have had the opportunity to nominate people from our community to take part in workshops related to media, events and engineering. Being involved with the SC has also given me a voice – I have been able to sit around a table with decision makers and voice my opinions.”

Thanks to his exploits with FC Kenya and link-up with the SC, Ngurugwe has earned minor celebrity status in his home country – a profile which he uses to share positive messages about the next FIFA World Cup™ host nation.

“When people back in Kenya see the stories about the team and our involvement with the World Cup and the legacy it is creating, they see the impact [of the tournament]. Thanks to us, people in Kenya feel they are part of this.”

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